Diploma in Law Program Details

    Programme Aims

    The programme aim is to produce graduates who possess a satisfactory command law knowledge, skills and aptitude to serve the profession, society and the nation. At the same time, possess skills for lifelong learning and career development; and also develop a sense of awareness to uphold rule of law and social justice.


    Programme Educational Objectives


    1.    To analyse and apply the principles of Law from its sources;

    2.   To lead and engage in teams in problem solving tasks through effective communication;

    3.   To utilise ICT to advance their knowledge and skills and to understand business opportunities in the profession; and

    4.   To demonstrate ethical and professional values and moral obligations in providing services to the clients and the society as a whole.


    Programme Learning Outcomes


    At the end of the programme students are expected to be able to:

    1.   Apply and acquire knowledge and understanding of sources and principles of law;

    2.   Plan, conduct and conclude scientific investigation in law;

    3.   Apply legal principles in current legal issue and problems;

    4.   Demonstrate understanding of professional ethics and moral obligations in the profession;

    5.   Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with others;

    6.   Execute and take responsibility for routine tasks;

    7.   Work as a team with awareness of social and ethical responsibilities;

    8.   Apply relevant skills for lifelong learning and career development; and

    9.   Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills to explore career opportunities in legal profession.


    Programme Component


    Course Types Credit Hours Percentage
    University 15 16 %
    Core 71 77 %
    Elective 6 7 %
    Total 92 100 %