Bachelor of International Relations with Honours Program Details

    Programme Aims

    The programme aim is to produce holistic, world-class experts in the field of International Relations and International Law by inspiring educated individuals through academic excellence and community service that contribute to the nation's sovereignty and international activities.


    Programme Educational Objectives

    1. To expose students on principle, theory and the knowledge application regarding international relations and international laws.
    2. To produce students that are capable to analyse and articulate ideas in resolving international relationship problems and in international laws
    3. To incorporate research and innovation elements in learning;
    4. To nurture professional values such as ethics, communication skills, teamwork, and also leadership skills.
    5. To incorporate entrepreneurship skills that is competitive and innovative in the field that is related with international affairs and international law.
    6. To create students awareness on the knowledge expansion through lifelong learning;
    7. To produce graduates that are qualified to become knowledgeable human capital not only for the job market in Malaysia but also at the international level;
    8. To produce graduates in both fields that are capable to pursue studies to Masters or Ph.D. levels.


    Programme Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this programme, student should be able to :

    1. Obtain knowledge on fundamental principles, concepts and theories of international relations and international law. (MQF1)
    1. Apply relevant principles, concepts and theories in international relations to a given situation. (MQF2)
    1. Show social skills and accountability in the field of study. (MQF3)
    1. Possess professionalism, competency and integrity in the field of study. (MQF4)
    2. Communicate effectively and develop interpersonal and teamwork skills. (MQF5)
    1. Think creatively and analytically to understand and to solve the problem in international relations. (MQF6)
    1. Apply relevant skills in information management and lifelong learning for     independent study and continous professional development. (MQF7)
    1. Possess managerial and entrepreneurship skills. (MQF8)


    Programme Component

    Course Types Credit Hours Percentage
    University 19 15.3%
    Core 69 55.7%
    Elective 30 24.2%
    Industrial Training 6 4.8%
    Total 124 100%