International Day, Poster Exhibition - IRiSS

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On 21st December 2017, IRiSS collaborate with Doctor Suyatno had held the International Day, Poster Exhibition joined by 46 groups and each group has 4 – 6 students of International Relations, involves first and third-year students. Taking place at Recital Hall in Pusat Kesenian dan Warisan UniSZA for the first session. The event started at 7.30 a.m. For the second session, the event had held at new Moot Court. The second session begins at 2 p.m and after one hour and a half break to students time for solat and eat.

The objective held this event was to encourage students to love and enjoy learn their subjects, in particular, subject World History for third-year students and Introduction to International Relations for first-year students.

Every group presenting their posters by their own title that have been given in the class. They did their best presenting their title to make the audiences understand. Every group judged by Doctor Suyatno and others group for their mark.

The International Day, Poster Exhibition ended by Doctor Suyatno gave the prize to the winner groups for top three the best presentations and posters from each batch. The event ended at 6.45 p.m.


Postgraduate Students


Degree Students


Diploma Students