Solidarity : Al-Quds For Palestine - IRiSS

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On 19th December 2017, a special solidarity program for Palestine had been held, named “Al-Quds For Palestine” at the Speaker Corner. The main objective of this program is to create awareness regarding the issue of Jerusalem recognition as the new capital of Israel. 

There are few activities that had taken places such as public talk, poster exhibition, petition, fundraising and the main highlight of the night was the flash mob that was joined not only by the students of International Relations itself but also from another faculty such as FKI and FSSG. 

The flash mob performance got a warm welcome from the audiences. The performance really touched everyone heart. Another activity that got much participation was a petition. There were many types of the petition had to be done such as online petition which will be held for a week and the result will be sent to United State embassy. Then, president of IRiSS gave a talk about the issue and the benefit and impact of this event for UniSZA’s students. The event ended with flashmob performance once again but this time the performance joined by the audiences. 

It was a very great and memorable achievement for all the members of IRiSS as they could make realized the program in such limited time. Meetings after meetings finally paid off by the success of the program. The “Al-Quds For Palestine” program attracted almost 300 students who attended that night and received a total 412 votes for the petition. After all, it is indeed a splendid success.


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