Video Conference with Prof Dr. Juan Roberto Reyes from Mexico - IRiSS

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On Wednesday 6th December, the University of Sultan Zainal Abidin Faculty of Law and International Relations (FLAIR), the Department of International Relations, hosted a live video conference with Prof Dr. Juan Roberto Reyes at FLAIR’s moot court. The video conference was titled Mexico: Relations with Malaysia. During the conference, many aspects of relations between Malaysia and Mexico were discussed by Prof Dr. Reyes. Malaysia has established diplomatic relations with Mexico since 1974 with currently Mexico’s ambassador to Malaysia, Carlos Corona, and Malaysia’s ambassador to Mexico, Muhammad Azhar Mazlan. Malaysia has two consular offices in Mexico located in Monterrey and Guadalajera. Malaysia has a few investments in Mexico’s private sectors and vice versa. On a deeper discussion, security aspects of Mexico’s were also discussed. Such issues are the illegal migration to its neighbour USA. Mexico’s government has taken multiple steps and strategies to reduce the migration of its people to USA through many cooperation with the US government. Another issue discussed was on the human security issue or human right issue of the Rohingya. One student asked Prof Dr. Reyes on Mexico’s government stand and opinion on the issue. Prof Dr. Reyes stressed out that the Mexican government strongly support any efforts to settle the issue in a peaceful manner and hoped that the Rohingyan's rights are upheld