Malaysia-Indonesia Interstate Educational Research 2017 - IRiSS

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This 9 days’ trip begins on 27th April 2017 and they were warm-welcomed by IR student representative from one of the top university in Indonesia, Airlangga University (UNAIR). Then, they went to Al-Akbar Mosque, second biggest mosque in Indonesia to perform prayer. On a second day, they had studied group sessions with IR student from UNIAIR. They exchanged the political view of Malaysia and Indonesia. At noon, the session proceeded with the board of UNAIR where they explained briefly about UNAIR and gave exposal about how to apply master programme and scholarship for that prestige university. On that lovely night, they went to Submarine Monument which situated in the heart of Surabaya, on edge of Kalimas River.

Next, the participants had an International Conference on Socio-Cultural Issues (ICOSCI) on 29th April. Our Deputy Dean, Prof. Madya Dr, Mohd Afandi Bin Salleh did a spectacular presentation. Following Indonesian tradition, the 14 students did a performance that they already prepared from Malaysia and so did our lecturer, Dr. Suyatno. The day did not just end here. They were brought by UNIAIR student to explore the university including their own famous museum located in the medical faculty, Surabaya Doctor Education Museum. 

Furthermore, the weekend in Indonesia specifically Surabaya is a little bit different from Malaysia. They had some of their road known as Jalan Darmo, Jalan Tunjungan, Jalan Kertajaya, Jalan Jimerto, Jalan Jemur Andayani and Jalan Kembang Jepun closed from 6.00 am until 10.00 am. This is called Car Free Day (CFD). Indonesian government simply do that to reduce the emission produced from motor vehicles and as recreation regions for their citizen. There a lot of people selling foods, drinks and more along the road. The interesting activities also being held such as aerobics which anybody can just come and join. Everyone could enjoy riding bicycles and jog in that morning. For those who loved clown could get a chance to be photographed and seeing them show some tricks. They watched a traditional dance performance, Reog Ponorogo at Pemuda Hall that a stone throws away from Jalan Darmo. They also went to Museum Surabaya at Jalan Tunjungan Surabaya. There also Hotel Majapahit which recognized as one of Indonesian cultural heritage landmark, located nearby.

Moreover, students from both universities visit the SDN Sapikerep in Sukapura District, Probolinggo. They broke the ice by preparing some fun activities for the children which held at Sapikerep Village Hall. This eventually helped in developing strong bonding between them. The Malaysian anime, ‘Upin Ipin’ is quite famous among the children. Each UniSZA Student also managed to get a foster mother from Indonesia. It is like killed two birds with a stone when they not only learning the Indonesia culture but they also got a chance to visit Mount Bromo, the most popular and accessible active volcano in Java. Woke up in the early morning, wearing the winter jacket, a scarf wrapped their necks in, socks and covered shoes to endure the cold temperature, each of the participants travelled by the jeep to Mount Penanjakan. Then, they had to walk for few kilometres to that mountain to catch the fascinating view of the sunrise at the summit. Everybody was too busy admiring and taking the photos of the three mountains and its picturesque surrounding landscapes. Horseback rides are also available at the caldera of Mount Bromo. They had to cross the sea-sand to reach the foot of Mount Bromo as the starting point to climb up the stair to the crater.

After 5 days in Surabaya, they spent the remains days at Malang city. University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) student brought us and showing us around the Malang University. Seeing some UMM students doing demonstration might quite new for the Malaysia students because as we all know, Malaysians were not allowed to do that. The board of UMM also would like more student from Malaysia to apply for that university. Transport Museum was a nice place to visit too. They got to see and experienced several of transport from each era. A day before getting back to Malaysia, they also experienced learning environment in their class. They also shopped some souvenirs. During the last day, they boarded from Surabaya Juanda International Airport to KLIA and it took about 2 hours 45 minute. On 6th May, they safely arrived at UniSZA.

In conclusion, “Travel is still the most intense mode of learning” quoted by a famous editor, Kevin Kelly. The 14 UniSZA students surely learn many things despite tiring for having pack-scheduled. Experiencing the different political view, culture and environment make them open up their minds. Not to forget the lip-smacking food such as Nasi Ayam Penyet, Bakso, Nasi Bebek, Soto and Es Teler. Those memorable moments will be a gem in their heart.