"Jalinan Kasih" Volunteering Program - IRiSS

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With the cooperation of Al-Hijrah Orphanage, IRiSS has recently conducted a one-day volunteering program, taking place in Kemaman on the 15th of April 2017. Forty-two students from all three batches participated as volunteers in realizing the goal of the program which was to make a difference in at least the slightest way possible for the children of the orphanage. The Head of IR Department, En. Abdul Majid Hafiz Bin Mohamed, escorted a full bus of volunteers, which journey took up two hours of travelling. The noble endeavor aimed to contribute to the orphans financially, materially, and developmentally. It was also to sharpen the skills of leadership, decision making, project management, and communication so as to allow the growth of successful role models among the students, as well as to promote and create the awareness upon the significance of volunteerism.


One of the many activities held was firstly the Ice Breaking session. Volunteers, as the facilitators, and the children were given an amount of time to get to know each other through a series of activities such as riddle solving and newspaper scanning. This has led to friendly bonding among the participants, which was helpful throughout the day as it allowed the children to open up better and be less reserved with the volunteers.


Next was the Sharing Session which was conducted separately, dividing the primary and secondary school children. Each group was facilitated by a number of volunteers. This session required the children to ask questions and share their troubles regarding their study, and the volunteers were expected to respond to them by giving bits of advice and tips. After the Zuhr prayer, an outdoor activity called the Explorace was run at a nearby playground. This was the time that saw the children’s competitiveness and openness while having fun.


All in all, the profound relation and cooperation between UniSZA’s students of IR and Al-Hidayah Orphanage were able to realize. Congratulations to the hardworking team who was responsible for making the children’s day. IRiSS hopes that more programs of the same will continue to be organized in the coming generations in the pursuit of developing more compassionate and kinder youths.


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