Program Pengurusan Jenazah - IRiSS

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IRiSS had recently conducted an Islamic event which was about the practical management in handling bodily remaining, or corpses, the Muslim’s holy way. It was implemented on the basis of Fardh Kifaya, which required all or some of the Muslims to learn and practice it in real life for better funeral management.


The event was run on a Friday, on the 7th of April at Aisha Room 08. In order to promote spiritual proximity, IRiSS managed to gather over 40 participants from all three batches. The program was instructed by Ustaz Wan Saifudin from the Islamic Contemporary Faculty of UniSZA. The theory session started at 8 in the morning and lasted for four hours, consisted the chapter of courtesy in visiting sick persons on their deathbed, as well as the cleansing, shrouding, praying for, and burying the body in a proper, respectful manner.


The practical session, which started at 3 pm, saw the interesting part of the activity whereby a couple of the participants played as the corpses after the participants had divided themselves into two groups, separating the men and women. It was definitely a well-managed success and we hope to get more similar opportunities in the future related to the Islamic educational sharing so as to realize better application of the basic lot of Fardh Kifayah among muslims, especially for the students of UniSZA.


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