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Aiming to create better bonding among the students of IR, IRiSS came up with an initiative to realize this goal. Annually held, this year’s family-day-inspired KPO was the second one and filled with more challenging outdoor activities compared to the previous. The one-day occasion took place on the 1st of April 2017 at 1M4U Outreach Camp Merang, after weeks of planning and getting things into place for its success. Participants had started to gather for registration at the foyer as early as 6.30 am before they collectively moved to the camping site in vans, escorted by the Head of Department, En. Abdul Majid Hafiz Bin Mohamed.


After having light breakfast and brief opening by the program director Farah Rasyida Binti Mohd Zulkifli, the first activities were conducted; Paperwork and Organizational Management courses for the first and second-year students, and Group Activities for the final years. Explorace was run immediately after that, an activity that mixed the juniors and seniors in a team and intensely tested the mental and physical limits of the participants. The participants had to go through a number of checkpoints, randomly located all around the camp site, before reaching the final one where a winning team could be determined.


After a two-hour break for lunch and prayer, the event resumed with water activities, namely Water Tracking and Water Confidence. During the former, participants had to wade over quite a long stretch of a swamp. This was where the participants’ courage as well as engagement and appreciation for the nature were invoked. Later, they were taught how to ‘become one’ with the water during the latter activity. After some time, they were let free to float and swim around the entire area. It was simultaneously fun and therapeutic.


The evening continued with the BBQ Night, emceed by Mohamad Firdaus Bin Mohad Zin and Noor Fazirah Binti Kadai, in which the closing ceremony of the event had been made by Dr. Suyatno Ladiqi before the first three winning Exporace teams were announced and given their prizes, and a montage was presented. The participants later dined on the barbequed meals while enjoying a number of performances by among themselves and finally ended with a special appearance by our very own Dr. Suyatno. At about 12 am, participants returned to the campus, concluding the day.


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