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On 9th to 10th February, International Relations Students’ Society (IRiSS) had organized an annual event called Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi. This event was held at Kem Pengakap Muhammad Ismail, Telaga Batin, Kuala Nerus, Terengganu.

Plus, this event involved all the International Relations(IR) students from the Faculty of Law and International Relations including 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of IR students. This program was held to expose the IR students on how to draft a proposal before organizing a program or event.

In the evening of the first day, we did a volunteerism activity, where we collected the garbage around Teluk Ketapang beach. At night, the event was continued with a talk given by Puan Wan Muzawati Wan Musa from HEPA. Puan Wan Muzawati’s talk was about on how to do a proposal and activity’s report. After the talk ended, we held a movie night and the Darkest Hour film was played. On the second day, the event continued with aerobics and teambuilding games. The event ended with the closing ceremony by Puan Wan Muzawati. After that, all participants went back to UniSZA.

The teambuilding games had created a bond between seniors and juniors of IR students. The IRiSS committees hope that the bond created will continuously last even after we finish our study. 

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On 21st December 2017, IRiSS collaborate with Doctor Suyatno had held the International Day, Poster Exhibition joined by 46 groups and each group has 4 – 6 students of International Relations, involves first and third-year students. Taking place at Recital Hall in Pusat Kesenian dan Warisan UniSZA for the first session. The event started at 7.30 a.m. For the second session, the event had held at new Moot Court. The second session begins at 2 p.m and after one hour and a half break to students time for solat and eat.

The objective held this event was to encourage students to love and enjoy learn their subjects, in particular, subject World History for third-year students and Introduction to International Relations for first-year students.

Every group presenting their posters by their own title that have been given in the class. They did their best presenting their title to make the audiences understand. Every group judged by Doctor Suyatno and others group for their mark.

The International Day, Poster Exhibition ended by Doctor Suyatno gave the prize to the winner groups for top three the best presentations and posters from each batch. The event ended at 6.45 p.m.

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On Wednesday 6th December, the University of Sultan Zainal Abidin Faculty of Law and International Relations (FLAIR), the Department of International Relations, hosted a live video conference with Prof Dr. Juan Roberto Reyes at FLAIR’s moot court. The video conference was titled Mexico: Relations with Malaysia. During the conference, many aspects of relations between Malaysia and Mexico were discussed by Prof Dr. Reyes. Malaysia has established diplomatic relations with Mexico since 1974 with currently Mexico’s ambassador to Malaysia, Carlos Corona, and Malaysia’s ambassador to Mexico, Muhammad Azhar Mazlan. Malaysia has two consular offices in Mexico located in Monterrey and Guadalajera. Malaysia has a few investments in Mexico’s private sectors and vice versa. On a deeper discussion, security aspects of Mexico’s were also discussed. Such issues are the illegal migration to its neighbour USA. Mexico’s government has taken multiple steps and strategies to reduce the migration of its people to USA through many cooperation with the US government. Another issue discussed was on the human security issue or human right issue of the Rohingya. One student asked Prof Dr. Reyes on Mexico’s government stand and opinion on the issue. Prof Dr. Reyes stressed out that the Mexican government strongly support any efforts to settle the issue in a peaceful manner and hoped that the Rohingyan's rights are upheld

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On 19th December 2017, a special solidarity program for Palestine had been held, named “Al-Quds For Palestine” at the Speaker Corner. The main objective of this program is to create awareness regarding the issue of Jerusalem recognition as the new capital of Israel. 

There are few activities that had taken places such as public talk, poster exhibition, petition, fundraising and the main highlight of the night was the flash mob that was joined not only by the students of International Relations itself but also from another faculty such as FKI and FSSG. 

The flash mob performance got a warm welcome from the audiences. The performance really touched everyone heart. Another activity that got much participation was a petition. There were many types of the petition had to be done such as online petition which will be held for a week and the result will be sent to United State embassy. Then, president of IRiSS gave a talk about the issue and the benefit and impact of this event for UniSZA’s students. The event ended with flashmob performance once again but this time the performance joined by the audiences. 

It was a very great and memorable achievement for all the members of IRiSS as they could make realized the program in such limited time. Meetings after meetings finally paid off by the success of the program. The “Al-Quds For Palestine” program attracted almost 300 students who attended that night and received a total 412 votes for the petition. After all, it is indeed a splendid success.

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“Law Survival Workshop” was organized by Asian Law Students’ Association Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (ALSA UniSZA) which involved all first-year degree students. This program took place on 3 December 2017 at the Library Auditorium from 8.30 am to 1 pm. The speaker on that day was Madam Khairunnisa. The purpose of having this program is to expose the students on how to tackle and answer the final examination question using the technique of “ILAC”. “ILAC” stands for Issue, Law, Application, and Conclusion.